Medallion Hunt

With the biggest prize yet….

A 2013 Polaris Sportsman 400 ATV

And new Atomic 13 trailer

Total prize valued at nearly $7000

Congratulations to Trevor Mattson & Jacob Hoover – 2013 Medallion Hunt Winners

2013 Winterfest Medallion Hunt Clues Explained

The 3 inch clear acrylic disc will be hidden somewhere on public property in the city limits of

Duluth, Superior, Hermantown or Proctor

First clue airs January 21 at 7:30 on 95 KQDS, NU92 and 94X

All clues posted after 9AM on this page!


The 2013 Red Rock Radio Winterfest Medallion Hunt

Some things you should know:

The 2013 Winterfest Medallion is made of clear acrylic and is three and one quarter inches in diameter.  It has unique markings and cannot be duplicated.  Any forgeries will be easily identifiable.  Furthermore, when the medallion is submitted, we will ask you specifically where it was found. 

The Winterfest 2012 medallion was hidden near a trail at Hartley Nature Center. 

The Winterfest 2011 medallion was hidden at Billings Park in Superior near the public boat landing.

The 2010 medallion was hidden at Enger Park in Duluth near the Peace Bell.

The 2009 medallion was hidden at Lief Erikson Park.

The winner of the medallion hunt must be at least 18 years of age or older.  However, anyone under the age of 18 may search as long as an adult claims the prize and assumes responsibility for any taxes associated with winning.

The medallion is hidden outdoors on public property somewhere in Douglas or St. Louis Counties.  No trespassing on private property will be at all necessary. 

It will be hidden above ground.  However, it is possible the medallion will be buried by snow.

 No climbing or scaling  will be required.

 The medallion is not hidden within 10 feet of any body of water.

 If property is being damaged, we reserve the right to cancel the contest entirely.


Please see the full set of Red Rock Radio Winterfest official rules here

Clue 1

The Medallion’s been hidden

The hunt’s underway


To stay ahead of the game

Clue 2

The cities to search

Now number at four

Hermantown, Proctor, Superior and Duluth

Are where you’ll have a chance to score

Clue 3

Be sure to peruse 

The field of clues

The ones you can use

For those mid-winter blues

Clue 4

The first picture provided 

Resides on our site

Make sure you look closely

So you see it right

Clue 5

If you’re Thallasophobic 

This much you should know 

The Medallion is far 

From what you fear most 

Clue 6

Do not look in Proctor

The Medallion’s not there

And that narrows it down

To a 3-city affair

Clue 7

Follow park rules

They’re not terribly hard

The Medallion is hidden

Within 300 yards

Clue 8

If you’re looking in Supe-town

Continue your quest

The Medallion’s not there

Time to travel Northwest

Clue 9

Look for the sun

Just over the trees

From a bird’s eye view

You can find it with ease

Clue 10

If the dog days of summer

Seem way too far off

Get into the hunt

And follow the law

Clue 11

In a fit turnaround 

We bring you this clue

The Medallion’s nearby

Just waiting for you

Clue 12

We’ve provided a visual

Look at it online

Is there something familiar 

That will help you this time?

Clue 13

Here’s clue 13

We need to assert 

It lies south of the namesake

Of a guy who makes shirts

Clue 14

There’s a line that I know

From Led’s famous song

It’s line number eight

That will help you along

Clue 15

Drive in from the north

Then veer to the east

The Medallion’s beyond

Where the trees and field meet

Clue 16

The road you drive in

Will just wind up dead

The prize is well-hidden

Due north of the shed