2016 Medallion Hunt

The 2016 Winterfest Medallion has been found!!!

Congratulations to Bob Thornton of Esko!

Bob wins $5000 with a special thanks to Fond-Du-Luth Casino!

Bob Thornton

He found the Medallion just east of Spirit Mountain and just south of the DWP Trail on a side trail in a grove of cedar trees in Norton Park!

The 2016 Winterfest Medallion is made of clear acrylic and is three inches in diameter. It is one half-inch thick. It has unique markings and cannot be duplicated. Any forgeries will be easily identifiable. Furthermore, when the medallion is submitted, we will ask you specifically where it was found

Northern Acrylics is a high quality plastics fabricator….mostly involved with the healthcare industry. A lot of their products can be viewed on their website

2016 Medallion 325

Here is a short explanation of this year’s clues!

Clue 1

Sweet 2016

The Medallion Hunt Commences

And in your routine

You should roll past the fences

The fences represent the fencing around the Lake Superior Zoo which is right in front of Fairmont Park and the DWP Trail.  The zoo isn’t really near where the medallion was found but the clue pushes you “past” the zoo where a train (Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific) used to “roll”.   It is also a popular trail for biking.

Clue 2

It’s clue number 2

And now we assign

you to shorten each clue

And to study each line

The two keywords “shorten” and “line” are a clue to the old train line – The DWP – which was considered a “short line” railroad track early in the 20th century from the Iron Range to Duluth before it became a hiking trail.  Unfortunately, for a lot of hunters, this clue led them to Short Line Park off Beck’s Road which was not near where the disc was hidden.

Clue 3

Check your history

It no longer exists

But here is the mystery

In a new place it persists

The Duluth Winnipeg Pacific Line no longer exists in that area obviously – but continues to run in a different location – albeit under another name with Canadian National Railway

Clue 4

Stay off of the fragile

   There’s no need to intrude

Keep moving to unravel

Each additional clue

The “Fragile” refers the tags on the north side of the DWP Trail that indicate a “Wetland Boundary” and other wetland terminology.  Basically this clue tells you it’s not on the north side of the trail and to not disturb fragile areas

Clue 5

Specks of bright colors

Flavor the scene

It’s 5 thousand dollars

If you know what we mean

Several colored ribbons are posted on trees marking the trails

Clue 6

Good advice to adhere

In your search site selection

The place where it’s near

Was a major connection

The Duluth Winnipeg and Pacific Rail was once a primary link for much of the 20th century between the Iron Range and Duluth to haul ore to the ships on Lake Superior

Clue 7

Digging through snow

While you search for the prize

Puts you straight on the way

To the place that it lies

Just see the first letter of each line – and it spells out DWP T(rail)

Clue 8

The medallion does hail

Six feet from the trail

Or is it the track

Where you will prevail?

The Medallion was tossed from the path approximately 6 feet to the south of trail it was near

Clue 9

A body and two places

is the name near the game

Although very few traces

of that place remain

The body was the Pacific (as in ocean) and the two places are Duluth and Winnipeg.  Very little is left on the trail that indicates it was once a railway.

Clue #10


The Honorable Mayor Emily Larson of Duluth says the medallion is in Duluth

Clue 11

If you’re tracking the numbers

Past the thirties you’ll pace

Till you’re into the eighties

On the path, in this race

There are markers on the south side of the DWP Trail with pink coloring and they count up as you head west on the trail – #31, #32, #33, etc.    Once you hit 80th street – there are a few more of those markers in the upper 30’s.   Out of the thirties into the 80’s.

Clue 12

Tiny rainbows are nearby

pines, cedar and birch

The medallion will lie

In this area you search

There are racing arrows signs in the vicinity of where the medallion was hidden tacked on to trees where there apparently was a bike race.  If you read the very small print on those signs, they are made by “Rainbow Racing”

Clue 13

The clue after six

Uses Cluemeister tricks

Most words you can nix

But the letters are fixed

Go back to clue seven that helps you determine the nearby hiding place is off the DWP Trail.  The letters “D” and “W” and “P” and “T” lead each line.

Clue 14

There’s a race on to find it

The clues we have tailored

The medallion does sit

Near a tribute to Willard

Another clue to the racing signs hanging on the trees.  There is also a sign in a cross paths area near the hiding place that points the way to the Munger Trail.  Munger’s first name was Willard.

Clue 15

The 15th chapter

In this Winterfest tale

Says the prize that you seek

Will be south of the trail

The medallion lies on the south side of a trail.  No need to look on the north side.

Clue 16

At the foot of the hill
That is east of the knoll
Comes the victory thrill
With the ultimate goal
The Medallion is located east of Spirit Mountain – at the bottom of the hill.  It is also east of Knollwood Creek

Clue 17

Two blocks stand erect
72 paces you’ll go
If your stride is correct
On the path, you’ll go low
The Medallion is 72 strides from two upright railroad ties just east of the hiding place on the south side of the path.   As you continue to head west, the path separates – one heading up, another slightly down.  Hit the low path.
Clue 18
One little rainbow
27 strides near
This place you should know 
Lies the prize souvenir

The font on this clue was deliberately smaller to provide another clue to the tiny rainbows.  
The medallion was hidden 27 paces from one of those tiny rainbows.