2014 Medallion Hunt


The 2014 Red Rock Radio Winterfest Medallion Hunt

Win a Polaris 400 ATV with Atomic Trailer – Total prize value of  over 6k


The clear acrylic disc will be hidden somewhere on public property in the city limits of

Duluth, Superior, Hermantown or Proctor

disk crop

First clue airs January 20th around 7:30 on 95 KQDS, NU92 and 94X

All clues posted after 9AM on this page!

The 2014 Red Rock Radio Winterfest Medallion Hunt

The 2014 Medallion has been found!!

2014 Medallion Hunt Clues Explained


Some things you should know:

The 2014 Winterfest Medallion is made of clear acrylic and is three  inches in diameter.  It has unique markings and cannot be duplicated.  Any forgeries will be easily identifiable.  Furthermore, when the medallion is submitted, we will ask you specifically where it was found. 

The Winterfest 2013 medallion was hidden at Keenes Creek Park in Hermantown.  The Winterfest 2012 medallion was hidden near a trail at Hartley Nature Center.  The Winterfest 2011 medallion was hidden at Billings Park in Superior near the public boat landing.  The 2010 medallion was hidden at Enger Park in Duluth near the Peace Bell.  The 2009 medallion was hidden at Lief Erikson Park.

The winner of the medallion hunt must be at least 18 years of age or older.  However, anyone under the age of 18 may search as long as an adult claims the prize and assumes responsibility for any taxes associated with winning.

The medallion is hidden outdoors on public property somewhere in Douglas or St. Louis Counties.  No trespassing on private property will be at all necessary. 

It will be hidden above ground.  However, it is possible the medallion will be buried by snow.

 No climbing or scaling  will be required.


 The medallion is not hidden within 10 feet of any body of water.

 If property is being damaged, we reserve the right to cancel the contest entirely.


Clue #1

Welcome to Winterfest’s

Sixth Annual Event

The medallion’s been hidden

First clue has been sent


Clue #2

Pull on your boots

For a very long walk

And when you get close

We’ll most certainly talk


Clue #3

From flourishing poplar

To towering pine

The medallion is resting  

You’re doing just fine


Clue #4 

Park first, then walk, 

Just hear what we say

And pay close attention

You are, on the way


Clue #5

A view of the lake?

Not necessarily the case

Think outside the box

To find the right place


Clue #6

An Eagle-eye’s view

Is where you should start

From there, begin searching

With all your heart


Clue #7

Look to the North

With many breeds of wood

Just keep this in mind

And you should be good


Clue #8

It’s still early on

But to give you a start

You’ll head north, then head south

Before you get smart


Clue #9

Don’t go in the water

Sink your teeth in the rules

Use only when dry

This game’s not for fools


Clue #10


Clue #11

They say you’re being watched

We’re not sure this is true

Just in case, slide on by

Cause that’s what we do


Clue #12

The beautiful bluffs

Gaze down on the brook

From where the disc sits

This is how it will look


Clue #13

There are stars in the southern sky

And in all other skies above you

You’re getting so close to the puck’s hiding place

Makes you feel like whistling a tune


Clue #14

Mr. Snively’s creation

Still stands strong today 

Over and over

As you move on your way


Clue #15

If you’re still in the dark

We don’t mean to pester

Set your sights to the east

In a place we call Lester


Clue #16

If you’re adept at multi-tasking 

We’ve got some happy news

The puck’s nearby – and since you’re asking

Pay attention to all the clues


Clue #17

At the base of a tree

Buried under the snow

The medallion’s still there

As far as we know


Clue #18

A Charlie Brown tree

At the head of the trail

Grows just off to the right

Keep hiking and smiling

The medallion’s nearby

This race is getting quite tight


Clue #19

A woodpecker works

On a stump full of rot

Near where the prize lurks

Quite close to the spot


Clue #20

From the foot of the path

Walk the trail off the trail

It’s on the left side

And you will prevail 


Clue #21

Walk three hundred fifty four paces

Get out and start looking now

The Winterfest Medallion’s lying

Draped ‘neath a balsam’s bough


Three hundred fifty four paces

From the road up to the prize 

At least that’s what we counted

Give or take a few strides










Official Rules