12th Annual Great Lakes Pond Hockey Classic

SAHA Pond Hockey Tournament – January 22nd – 24th

Due to ice conditions, the tournament has been moved to the SAHA ice rinks (1015 Oakes Ave.)

Tournament Game Format

This tournament is a 4 on 4 round robin event. Rink dimensions are approximately 140 X 70.

Each team will play three to five round robin games within their division.

Teams receive: Win = 2 pts, Tie = 1 pts, Loss = 0 pts.

Each division will have a championship game and semi-finals *if necessary (*Six teams or more in a division).

All games are 30 minutes in length consisting of two 15 minute run time halves with a 2 minute warm-up before each game.

Playoff round games (quarter-final, semi-final and championships) that end in a tie will be decided by a 5-minute run time overtime period. The team that scores the most goals during that time will be the winner. If still tied, 5-minute run time periods will continue, where the team that scores the most goals during that period wins; until a winner is determined with one minute breaks in between each period.

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